Anita Kuttenkuler is

CERTIFIED in dyslexia


Anita Kuttenkuler received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Southwest Missouri State University and Masters in Reading from Central Missouri State University. After teaching 4th grade for 10 years and Title 1 Reading for 13 years, she retired. She now owns and operates A New Beginning Dyslexia Center in Jefferson City, MO. She became interested in dyslexia when many of her students still struggled with reading and writing after traditional reading strategies just didn't work. After attending a seminar given by Susan Barton, Anita recognized many of the warning signs in her students. Anita then attended the 'Tutoring People With Dyslexia' course in Santa Clara, CA, given by Susan Barton, in 2006, became a certified dyslexia tutor in 2007, achieved Advanced certification in 2010 and became Master Certified in 2014.

She is available for informational talks, professional development and presentations. In her free time, Anita enjoys reading and spending time with her 6 grandchildren.